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About 1 Juice

1 Juice Wheatgrass is the freshest and most nutritious wheatgrass available in the UK, because of our unique growing capability including temperature, humidity and light, ensuring our wheatgrass is always of the highest nutritional quality possible, all year round.

Our growing capability means we harvest the crop only at the optimum point of the plant's life cycle. We always aim to have our wheatgrass harvest, juiced, packaged and naturally preserved within four hours.

Wheatgrass is a natural superfood and therefore it should be consumed in its natural juice state. Not powdered, not frozen, just juice.

Traditionally fruit and vegetable juices are preserved by pasteurisation which subjects the juice to immense heat (in excess of 75°C) and effectively 'cooks' the vitamins and natural qualities out of the juice. This method just doesn't make sense to us.

Instead our wheatgrass juice is naturally preserved through our use of a modern technology called cold pasteurisation or High-pressure processing (HPP). This state-of-the-art technology doesn't use heat, it uses cold pressure, a lot of pressure. HPP helps naturally preserve the juice using pressure up to an incredible 6,000 bar (where the Mariana trench has a pressure of 1,100 bar) acting uniformly around the packaged juice. The pressure then targets the spoilage organisms which naturally occur in the juice and break down their cell structure. This effectively preserves our juice for 8 weeks, without cooking, and by always keeping the juice in its natural chilled juice state.

At 1 Juice we believe we have carried wheatgrass into the 21st Century, making the juice convenient for our customers but still more natural than ever before. For more information please contact us.


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